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What? Another one? (sigh)

Ok… I admit. I feel like I’m missing out. The Oscars are tonight and, quite frankly, I don’t think I’ve seen most of the movies that are up for awards tonight. I am a single mom, holding down a full-time job, already not cleaning the house enough, and, while I’m at it, I’m also chipping slowly away at this other huge goal of running a half marathon in every state (as of today: 6 done, 44 left to do).

I’m going to watch as many movies on the AFI 100 Years of 100 Movies (10th edition) that I can. And, I’m going to write about them – because I’m a nerd that way.

So… why take on yet *another* huge goal? I’m curious. I love good stories. And… I feel like I need to keep the conversations fresh with my running buddies, both of which have seen a pretty large portion of the movies I’m going to start with. In fact, one of them discussed how he and his wife actually started – at one time – going through this very list. I thought “hmm… that’s a good idea. Oh. and I’ll blog about it.”

Because, you know, I have time for that.

I’m probably feeling the effects of giving up Facebook for Lent (4 days now and I am starting to miss my friends a little more than I thought I would) so maybe… just maybe… I’m starting to branch out a little.

First up: #100 – Ben Hur, 1959. I’m actually pretty excited about this one because Charlton Heston was quite the bad ass in his day. Not to mention, pretty good looking. It is a rather long movie and I want to do a little research on it before I watch it so I hope to have blog entry ready next weekend. Until then, enjoy the Oscars and have a great week!

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